What is My Child Care Center Worth?

When considering selling a child care facility, an owner’s first thought is:

“What is the value of my business? What should my asking price be?”

That’s why we offer a FREE Value Assessment to child care owners.

We look at your center from different angles, including Capacity and Enrollment, Debt Service Coverage, EBITDA, etc. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we are able to provide you with a value range that enables you to know the value of your center and hit the market at the right price point.

These assessments can be beneficial if you are thinking about selling your center in the near future or even in a few years. Why in a few years? Because if you don’t plan to sell immediately, having an assessment completed can help you see the business from a Buyer’s prospective and give you a great idea of any changes that could be made to increase the value of your center. That way, when the time does come to sell, you are positioned as well as possible.

Any information provided to complete an assessment is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. 

Many Brokers charge for a Value Assessment, but we provide this service for free because we want to see not only our clients, but the overall child care community thrive with educated pricing and owners who truly understand the value of their centers. Knowing the value of your child care business can protect you from overpricing your center and being unable to sell and also from underpricing your center and not realizing it until it’s too late.

Considering selling? Get a free assessment today! Contact Us